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The Principle Approach

Celebration Life Academy will incorporate The Principle Approach® , a philosophy and method of education "that produces Christian character and self-government, Christian scholarship and Biblical reasoning for lifelong learning and discipleship."  The Principle Approach® enables us to be more effective in our unique mission to restore the Christian Character of the Republic, because our students develop a deep understanding of their value in Christ and the way God's Word relates to every aspect of life and liberty. 


Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty (2 Corinthians 3:17).

"A nation which is humble enough to begin with its children in the constructing of its foundations for liberty may once again have the opportunity to lead nations to Christ." ~Rosalie Slater, Co-founder, Foundation for American Christian Education.

Read below for information about the Philosophy, Curriculum, and Methodology.

The Principle Approach - Philosophy

  1. Encompasses the Christian idea of God, man and government—the value of each individual and the need for personal government under God.

  2. Teaches how to "Think Governmentally”:

    • WHO or WHAT is controlling, regulating or directing

    • Internal-to-external  or cause-to-effect 

  3. The philosophy of education is not only Christian, but American Christian.  It teaches the student how to:

    • Understand the relationship between America and Christianity, not just patriotism

    • Comprehend the Biblical principles that produced our Christian form of government

    • Know what it means to be an American Christian—a steward of America's heritage of Christian liberty, character, self-government, property, and unity with union

    • Know and be able to articulate why America is unique in the world and what her Biblical (or Gospel and governmental) purpose is

The Principle Approach - Curriculum

  1. Principle Approach curriculum goals are distinctive from other Christian curriculum:

    • Disperse the Biblical principles of virtue, integrity, industry, enterprise, and productivity in the course content

    • Identify each subject on the Chain of Christianity

  2. The curriculum demonstrates how each subject is identified in the Scriptures by:

    • Revealing the Biblical source, origin, and inspiration for each subject

    • Showing the Biblical end and purpose of each subject

  3. Each subject is taught in the light of how it was used by God to advance the Gospel and the principles of Christian liberty, self-government, property, and union for the individual.

  4. The curriculum flows from the heart of the individual teacher, the “living textbook,” who grows toward mastery of subjects through personal research and development of his/her own curriculum.

Celebration Life Academy will use curriculum resources from Foundation of American Education, Abeka, Sonlight, Saxon Math, as well as other Christian and American literature.

The Principle Approach - Methodology

  1. The Principle Approach to American Christian Education is distinctive because it:

  2. Embraces America's historic method of Biblical reasoning

  3. Makes the Truths of God's Word the basis of every subject

  4. Restores the 4 R's to teaching and learning (Research, Reason, Relate and Record) through various ways, such as the Word Study

  5. Constitutes a holistic approach by demonstrating a unity of principles with a diversity of subjects on all grade levels

  6. Plants the seeds of all knowledge in kindergarten, identifying subjects by principles

  7. The Notebook Method uses three-ring binders to provide a permanent, written record of learning.

  8. Classroom constitutions govern, and Christianity's form of civil government —Christian self-government, the Law and the Gospel—is taught.

  9. Testing avoids true-false, matching, multiple choice questions and emphasizes essay questions that require thinking and reasoning skills.

  10. Teaching is individual and reaches the heart of every child, every learning style.

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