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CLA Objectives

We pledge to our students and parents the following objectives:

  • To recognize and protect the parents’ authority in all choices concerning their children.

  • To recognize the unique individuality of each child created in the image of God.

  • To recognize the need for each child to achieve their God given potential.

  • To recognize the responsibility to protect a child’s innocence and to prepare them academically and spiritually to perform with excellence in an ever-changing world.

  • To create a lifetime love of learning from inspired teachers.

  • To recognize that God is the source of every subject, and every subject is seen through the lens of the Bible. 

  • To provide the opportunity to excel in all academics, reading, writing, providential history, government, math, science, English, literature, and art (Each subject appropriate to age level).

  • To teach, from kindergarten, an American Christian Worldview, preparing students to serve others, and make correct moral choices throughout life.

  • To teach the ability to ‘Reason with Revelation’ which enabled our nation’s Founders to establish religious and civil liberty (Reason with Revelation means to think about every issue of life and government and draw conclusions based on the principles of God’s word.)

  • To understand God is a governmental being, and to learn to think governmentally which means to ask, “who or what is in control?”

  • To teach that internal self-government is essential to external civil government for liberty to exist.

  • To prepare our students to restore and preserve our Constitutional Republic.

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